Vice-President Antonio Tajani launches an investigation into lost luggage figures

According to the EU Press Room, “The lost luggage phenomenon when travelling by air has been brought to the attention of the European Commission. Some recent figures published by the UK Air Transport Council (AUC) confirm the concerns expressed by Vice-President Tajani’s, in charge of Transport. Vice-President Tajani decided today to take immediate measures on passenger rights starting with an investigation on the scale of the phenomenon. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Transport and Energy will ask today for information from the Airports International Council, and the Association of European Airlines and other parties concerned. The Commission will also contact AUC that was the first to reveal this information. “Safeguarding passenger rights is an essential component of European transport policy. The European Commission wants to be close to its citizens, providing them with solutions to the problems they encounter. It is for this reason that I have decided to act immediately so as to shed some light on these alarming figures which, if they were to be confirmed, would call for a strong political intervention,” said Vice-President Tajani. The European Commission is evaluating the effective application of Regulation 889/2002 on luggage loss and damage. At the end of this investigation the Commission will then assess whether any improvements to the Regulation are required.”

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