UK: Civil Aviation. Bonding

Civil Aviation Act 2006This empowered the Secretary of State to require the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide advice and assistance with respect to the health of people on board aircraft.It also made alterations to the Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL)system. The Secretary of State may, by regulations, require ATOL applicants and holders to make contributions to the Air Travel Trust (ATT). It also sets out the factors that the CAA is required to apply in calculating the amount that applicants must pay to the Trust. It is the CAA’s responsibility for setting the rates and dates for payment. It may require existing ATOL holders seeking a variation on their licensable business to make additional contributions. They may impose interest charges for late payments.The CAA may suspend the requirement to make contributions to the ATT for a period for all, or for a particular category of, ATOL holders. It may also exempt a category of licence holders from the requirement to make a contribution. Non-payment entitles the CAA to refuse to issue, vary, suspend or revoke a licence.

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