No Deal on Passenger Data Transmission to US Authorities

The United States and the European Union failed to reach a new deal on sharing air passenger data before a Saturday deadline. Reaching an agreement before the deadline was an EU priority to ensure that airlines could continue to legally submit data about passengers flying from Europe to the United States. These data – including credit card details – must be transferred to the U.S. authorities within 15 minutes of a flight’s departure to the U.S.. The European Court of Justice, in May ruled that the deal, put in place after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was illegal because it had not used the correct basis in EU law. However, court allowed the data to keep flowing until Saturday to give officials time to negotiate a new agreement. Washington has warned that airlines failing to share the data will face fines and the loss of U.S. landing rights. Without the deal, airlines that provide the data to the U.S. authorities could face legal action from the national data protection authorities in EU states. Officials said negotiations would continue. Source: posted by Michael Wukoschitz)

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