German court approves hotel ban on extreme right wing politician

Udo Voigt, chairman of the extreme right wing German NPD (“Democratic Party of Germany”) and his wife booked a private vacation at a wellness resort in Brandenburg (Germany). Ten days before the scheduled arrival, the hotel director informed them that Voigt was banned from entering the hotel as his extreme politcal views were detrimental to the image of the hotel and the other guests’ desire for comfort and relaxation.Voigt filed a law suit for discrimiation and violation of his general right of personality at Landgericht Frankfurt an der Oder. However, the court approved the ban: by executing his domiciliary rights, the hotel director was entitled to refuse Voigt as a guest. There was no obligation to contract on part of the hotel and the extreme views of Voigt’s party justified the ban.Due to an appeal filed by Voigt, the judgement is not final yet.Judgement 12 O 17/10 of Landgericht Frankfur an der Oder of June 22, 2010 available in German here>>.

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