European Union: Parliament agrees on common charge system for EU airports

Common principles for levying charges at Community airports are set out in a second-reading report adopted by the European Parliament on a directive to prevent individual airports abusing a dominant position on the market. The European Parliament also saw to it that any differentiation in airports’ charges will have to be based on transparent and objective criteria. The Council Common Position, published on 23 June, also makes it clear that there should be a national independent supervisory body, rather than merely regional ones, which is also in line with Parliament’s position.According to the newest 2007 figures, 69 airports will come under the scope of the Directive (with more than 5 million passengers or being the biggest airport in a Member State). By the entry into force of the Directive in 2010, it is estimated by ACI, the Airport Council International, that 77 airports will be concerned.Source: European Parliament press release; find full text here>>.

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