Canada: new saftey and security measures in air travel

On October 29,2010, two suspicious packages originating in Yemen were found in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Following this incident, the Canadian Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and the Canadian Minister of Public Safety announced new aviation security measures to further enhance the safety and security of Canada’s aviation system, to come into effect Nov. 8, 2010:Passengers are not permitted to transport in checked bags on any flights departing from Canadian airports if those cartridges weigh 454grams (16ounces) or more. These large, office-size toner cartridges are between 20centimetres and 30centimetres in length (8 to 12inches respectively, or approximately the size of a loaf of bread). Smaller toner cartridges, such as those typically used in home printers, are still permitted. Passengers on outbound flights from Canada to the United States are not permitted to travel with cartridges in carry-on bags. Air carriers are not permitted to transport large printer cartridges in cargo carried on passenger flights departing from airports in Canada. All cargo and mail from or transiting through Yemen or Somalia are also banned from entering Canada. Source: Transport Canada press release; find full texte here>>.

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