Are Hotels Breaking Competition Law?

“When the leaders of the European inbound travel industry meet this coming 9th November at The Global European Marketplace at Earls Court, London, they will be considering some questions that could have a dramatic impact on the way the tourism market operates. One of these is the vexed issue of price collusion.Hotels often seek to ensure that their published rates are not undercut. They have been known to insist on a guarantee that the price the operator sells to the public does not differ from their own advertised price.Do such agreements constitute price fixing?What are the penalties for agreeing to this?How can agreements be made without falling foul of competition law?These questions go to the heart of the way the market for hotel accommodation operates, as many hotels seek to ensure the prices to consumers on their own web sites are the lowest in the market.Neil Baylis, an expert in European competition law from the law firm K&L; Gates, will explore these issues in depth and explain what is and what is not lawful.” Read more>>Source: ForImmediateRelease.Net

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