Antitrust: Commission market tests commitments from eight members of SkyTeam concerning their alliance cooperation

As stated by the EU Press Room, “The European Commission has invited comments from interested parties on commitments proposed by eight members of the SkyTeam airline alliance, namely Aeromexico, Alitalia, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM, Korean Air, Northwest Airlines and Air France. These commitments are designed to meet concerns under the EC Treaty’s ban on restrictive business practices (Article 81), raised in the Commission’s Statement of Objections of 15 June 2006. The Commission is concerned that the cooperation in passenger air transport services between these SkyTeam members may have negative effects for passengers on routes where they enjoy a strong market position and where barriers to entry are significant. To address these concerns, the parties have offered commitments designed to facilitate new entry on the routes in question. The parties mainly offer to make slots available at appropriate EU airports to allow competitors to operate new or additional services and to share their frequent flyer programs. A notice summarising the commitments and requesting comments from interested parties within one month, has been published in the EU Official Journal C245 of 19.10.2007.”This Press Release is also available in full text.

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