Airport tax at Malta Airport: Commission takes Malta to the Court of Justice

As stated by the EU Press Room, “The European Commission considers the airport tax levied at Malta International Airport to discriminate between air passengers. The Commission has therefore decided today to lodge a formal complaint to the European Court of Justice. Air passengers travelling from Malta to other EU Member States will benefit from eliminating the discriminatory effects of the airport tax.The airport tax is discriminatory as it is only levied on air passengers beginning an international journey from Malta airport, but not levied if the passenger had started the journey outside Malta. The tax therefore puts an unfair burden on residents in Malta, and makes it more difficult for them to receive and provide services in other Member States [Article 49 of the EC Treaty].Furthermore, domestic destinations are exempted from the airport tax. According to the Commission the airport tax should not differentiate between domestic and other intra-Community flights.The Court case constitutes the third step in the relevant infringement procedure. First, a letter of formal notice was sent to Malta on 4 July 2006, and then a reasoned opinion was delivered on 15 December 2006.”

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