USA: New York area airports worst for late departures

A Travel Weekly analysis of airport departure times throughout the summer confirms that Airplanes taking off from New York-area airports (JFK, La Guardia, Newark) are more likely to leave late than planes departing other major regions, and that by a significant margin.One trend common to all airports was a reasonably high on-time departure rate for early morning flights. The on-time rate then began to dip lower throughout the day, bottoming out in the late-afternoon rush hour. But deterioration in departure reliability at New York-area airports started sooner in the daily cycle, plunged deeper and lasted longer than other airports.Due to the Port Authority, New York airports handled more than 104 million passengers last year. Since 75% of the US flight delays originate in the New York metropolitan area, the Port Authority concluded that their three airports accounted for a third of the nation’s air travel delays.Source: Travel Weekly; find full article here>>.

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