USA: new legislation requires disclosure of airline fees

The Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill, passed by the Senate earlier this week, contains a new provision that would require airlines and online travel agencies to clearly disclose all fees associated with the cost of a ticket, including holiday surcharges, baggage fees and seat assignments.The bill also includes the Passenger Bill of Rights, which mandates that aircraft cannot remain delayed on the tarmac for longer than 3 hours before having to return to the gate. Alternatively, the rule allows the airline to send buses to take passengers off the plane so the aircraft doesn’t lose its place in line to take off.In response to recent plane crashes, the bill alsotightens pilot hiring, testing, training, and rest requirements for large and small airlinesbans the use of personal electronic devices in the cockpitThe F.A.A. reauthorization bill now has to go into conference committee and be reconciled with the House version of the same bill.Sources: New York Times “In Transit” Blog; find article here>>. eTurboNews; find article here>>.

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