UK: Race Discrimination Law

English Case: Serco Ltd. V Redfearn [2006] EWCA Civ. 659R was employed as a bus driver and escort for people with disabilities. A local newspaper revealed that he had become a candidate in the local council elections for the British National Party (BNP). The BNP campaigns against immigration and, until forced by the courts to do so, prohibited those that are “not native” to these islands from membership. Trade unions and other employees made representations to the employer expressing their concern about the employment of a BNP candidate in a firm where a substantial part of the workforce, and in an area where a substantial part of the population, were of Asian origin. He was elected as a councillor and was then dismissed from his job on grounds that he would represent a health and safety risk to employees and passengers and would jeopardise his employer’s reputation. The Court of Appeal rejected his claim that his dismissal was due to racial discrimination. The reason for his complaint was that he was dismissed because of his political affiliation and that was not covered by the Race Relations Act. He was not dismissed on grounds that he was white but because he was a representative of the BNP

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