U.S. Seeks to Tighten Int’l Air Security While Promoting Inbound Travel

As reported by David Jonas, at The Transnational, “U.S. and European officials last week reached a new agreement on sharing transatlantic air passenger data, a development that would remove the threat of suspended U.S. landing rights for European airlines. Industry groups that had feared a possible disruption to business travel after 31 July–when an interim deal expires–applauded the agreement, which still requires final approval from 27 European Union member states.As U.S. officials were resolving that potential snag in the transatlantic aviation market, a Senate Commerce committee passed new legislation that would promote inbound travel by foreigners while the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, congressional leaders and industry representatives were discussing the latest efforts to collect biometric information from both inbound and outbound international travelers.”This article is available in full text.

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