Spain: Court ruling on missed connecting flight and lost baggage

Plaintiffs purchased flight tickets from Barcelona to Mexico City via London. The initial flight to London took off 30 minutes delayed. As a consequence, plaintiffs missed their connecting flight to Mexico City. The airline placed the plaintiffs on an alternative flight, which arrived in Mexico City more than nine hours later than originally planned. On arrival a piece of plaintiffs’ luggage was lost.First instance court granted €1,200 in damages for the delay under EU Regulation 261/2004 and €1,150 in compensation for the lost suitcase, pursuant to Article 22 of the Montreal Convention.On appeal of both parties, Barcelona Provincial Court ruled thatthe original flight could not be divided into two separate flights (ie, Barcelona to London and London to Mexico City), but must be considered as a whole (ie, Barcelona to Mexico City) compensate plaintiffs in the amount determined at first instance andcompensation for material and non material damages together may not exceed the limit established in the Montreal Convention and again confirmed the amount of compensation determined at first instance.Source (Copyright): ILO Newsletter; find article by Miguel Gordillo here>>.Summary posted with kind permission of author and pursuant to ILO copy right information.

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