Single European Sky II

SES II is a package of regulations aiming to improve the performance of the European aviation system in key areas such as safety, capacity, flight, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability, through the coordination and supervision of Member States’ air traffic and the implementation of common rules and performance targets.Binding targets for performance and sustainability of Europe’s aviation system Performance schemes for air navigation services, using criteria based on International Civil Aviation Organization policies, will be introduced through national or regional plans subject to consultation with stakeholders. Member States must use incentives and sanctions to prompt air navigation service providers to meet the targets. Independent national supervisory bodies will be appointed by Members States to ensure safety and performance standards are met. Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) are a key development. International flights currently have to pass through national air traffic control zones or “blocks”, being handed over from one national authority to another. This system leads to bottlenecks and delays, forcing aircraft to consume more fuel and jeopardising safety. An important feature of the first Single Sky package was supposed to be the introduction of FABs, cutting across national frontiers to enable air traffic controllers to manage flights in a more rational way. Around nine European FABs have so far been designed – including a single UK-Ireland zone – but it is felt that insufficient progress has been made. The new regulation will give a fresh impetus to this project by stipulating that FABs must be established no later than three years after entry into force of the regulation (i.e. by June 2012). A coordinator will be appointed to facilitate the implementation of, and the merger between, the blocks. Funding will be made available from the Trans-European Network programme and the European Investment Bank and from the inclusion of aviation in the Emissions Trading Scheme.Regulations on Performance and sustainability of the European aviation system and on Aerodromes, air traffic management and air navigation services.The Council (of EU transport ministers) is expected to approve the legislation at the end of March.Source:

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