Scottish Support for Malawi Law Reform

The Scottish Law Commission has established a link with the Malawi Law Commission. Both are law reform bodies. The link is a contribution to the Scottish Government’s Programme on Capacity Building for Justice in Malawi which progresses the provisions in the Scotland-Malawi Co-operation Agreement in 2005 to strengthen governance in Malawi.The Scottish Law Commission is also donating surplus law library stock to the Malawi Law Commission.The Scottish Law Commission’s Chairman, Lord Drummond Young, said –”I am pleased to announce the establishment of a link between the Scottish Law Commission and the Malawi Law Commission. This arrangement is an important contribution to the Scottish Government’s aim of building on the historic links between Scotland and Malawi, and taking the co-operation between our countries into new territory – by developing capacity in the justice sector in Malawi, including for law reform. Promoting law reform plays an important part in embedding the rule of law, and in developing a sound and modern legal framework, for any country. I look forward to working together with the Malawi Law Commission.”.The Scottish Minister for External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop, said –”As we reach the fifth anniversary of the Co-operation Agreement with Malawi, the relationship between Scotland and the people of Malawi goes from strength to strength. Our programme of development work continues to flourish, having a real and positive impact on the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. During my visit to Malawi in February I was fortunate to see this first hand and to discuss key priorities. Support for the justice system was identified as one of the priority areas and this project will offer just that.The Scottish Government’s “Capacity Building for Justice Programme” recognises the crucial role that justice organisations play in underpinning good governance. The support of the Scottish Law Commission to its counterparts in Malawi will be invaluable in promoting law reform and building long term capacity in the justice system thus strengthening governance in Malawi.”

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