Scotland/Libya/USA – Lockerbie

Jim Swire, a spokesman for the relatives of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing has stated that he believes Libya has legitimate concerns about the proposals for a trial of the two Libyan suspects under Scots Law in the Netherlands. Libya has asked for guarantees that the two men will not be extradited to the UK or USA. The UK and USA governments have stated that their proposals are not up for negotiation. Mr Swire’s daughter, Flora, was killed in the bombing. (2/10/98) UK Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, stated that, if convicted the two Libyan suspects would be sent to prison in Scotland. (16/10/98) The British Ambassador to the United Nations, Sir Jeremy Greenslock, has stated that Libyan witnesses at the Lockerbie trial would be guaranteed immunity from prosecution. (17/10/98) Lockerbie – The Facts: On 21 December 1988, Pan Am flight 103 from Frankfurt to New York via London exploded over the small town of Lockerbie in South West Scotland. All 259 passengers and crew were killed as were 11 Lockerbie residents. On 14 November 1991, the investigation by the Lord Advocate (Scotland’s chief law officer) concluded with a warrant for the arrest of two Libyans, Abdel Baset Ali Mohamed al Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fhimah on charges of murder, conspiracy and contravention of the Aviation Security Act 1982. The USA issued a similar indictment. Lockerbie Prosecution Team: The Lord Advocate has been accused of including a ‘token woman’ in the prosecution team for the Lockerbie trial. Morag Armstrong, 35, has been included despite the fact that she left the bar more that a year ago. Donald Findlay QC, one of Scotland’s most noted defence advocates expressed surprise and concern and questioned why the Lord Advocate had not chosen one of a number of other noted female advocates with more criminal experience. (20/10/98).

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