Ryanair loses battle with online critic

Discount airline Ryanair Holdings PLC has lost its battle to win control of an Internet domain name from a disgruntled former customer, according to a ruling issued by a United Nations panel Wednesday. Michael Coulston of London set up a website critical of Ryanair’s business practices in July under the domain name www.ryanaircampaign.org. The Irish carrier complained to the World Intellectual Property Organization that the domain name infringed on its trademarks and should therefore be transferred into Ryanair’s possession. But a WIPO panel said there was no evidence that Coulston, who runs a private online campaign aimed at informing Ryanair customers of ways in which they can complain to the company about its service, was using the domain name in bad faith. Ryanair had previously succeeded in forcing Coulston to hand over another domain name, www.ryanair.org.uk, by lodging a complaint with Nominet UK, an organization responsible for web domains ending in the .UK suffix.Source: http://www.travelindustryreview.com/news/4140

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