Prohibited items lists EU+USA

USA1a.You can find the list of prohibited items published by the TSA which applies to flights originating within the USA (3/2009):List USA1b.The TSA also provides rules for liquids, the so called ‘3-1-1 for Carry-Ons’:3-1-1 Carry-OnsEU2a.Code word: “Hermeticism” In the EU originally Regulation 2320/2002/EC on common rules in the field of civil aviation security as amended by Regulation 849/2004/EC (subject: All EU airports, service providers, catering, cleaning and cargo parties as well as all airlines both EU and foreign departing or transiting any EUairport) provided a secret (!!!) list of prohibited items, which the ECJ decided in Case (GC) C-345/06 (Heinrich) has to be published due to Regulation 1049/2001/EC regarding public access.A new Regulation as of 11.03.2008 repealing the former one has been issued but is not applicable yet: Regulation 300/2009/ECA new list of prohibited items based on Art 4 Para 2 Regulation 2320/2002/EC has been published by Regulation 820/2008/EC as amended by Regulation 483/2009/EC: Current and consolidated version of Regulation 820/2008/EC as of 30.06.20092b.The well known rules regarding liquids as of 2006 can be found here:Security rules2c.Initial plans to set legal limits at European level to the size of carry-on cabin baggage in airplanes have been withdrawn; likewise plans of the Commission to an end of the ban of liquids.

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