Out of shape hostesses to fight Indian airline

Indian air hostesses embroiled in a legal battle with their employer after they were grounded for being out of shape said the move was unconstitutional and have vowed to win back lost wages. Eleven women say they have suffered from low self-esteem after being grounded by state-run Indian airline for being between a few hundred grams and 3 kg over the firm’s specified weight limit. Lawyers for the company, known as Indian Airlines until last year, say the women are contractually obliged to meet weight guidelines for health reasons. The restrictions also apply to the 200 male stewards working for the airline, 20 of whom were also barred from work. The women will take their case to Delhi’s High Court in March, demanding the company pay their salaries for the time they were grounded.Source: http://www.travelindustryreview.com/news/3682(Originally posted by Michael Wukoschitz)

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