International Tourism Law Seminar @ Beja (Portugal)

Next Friday, November 6th, the Polytechnic of Beja, in Portugal, will hold an International Seminar on Tourism Law.Organized with the support of the University of the Balearic Island, in Spain, the event will be focused on the regulation of hospitality, in Portugal and Spain.The event counts with presentations by some of the most known lecturers of Portugal and Spain, namely Professors:José Ángel Torres Lana, María Nélida Tur Faúndez, Antonia Paniza Fullana and María Belén Ferrer Tapia, from the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain;Verónica San Julián, from the University of Navarre, Spain;Virgílio Machado, João Almeida Vidal and Afonso Ribeiro Café, from the University of the Algarve, Spain;Manuel David Masseno, from the Polytechnic of Beja.SIDETUR – the IberoAmerican Society for Tourism Law is supporting this Seminar.

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