Interesting case! Preliminary Ruling: ECJ C-410/11

Preliminary ruling before ECJ lodged by Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona (national reference: QP/07238-A9, decision as of June 15, 2011): C-410/11 (Pedro Espada Sánchez ea/Iberia) Questions referred (1)Must the limit of 1 000 Special Drawing Rights per passenger, laid down in Article 22 of the Montreal Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, concerning the liability of the carrier in the case of destruction, loss or damage of baggage, considered in conjunction with Article 3(3) of that convention, be interpreted as a maximum limit for each individual passenger where a number of passengers travelling check in their shared baggage together, regardless of whether there are fewer pieces of checked baggage than there are actual travellers? (2)Or, on the contrary, must the limit to damages laid down in Article 22 of the Montreal Convention be interpreted as meaning that, for each piece of checked baggage, only one passenger may be entitled to claim compensation and that, accordingly, the maximum limit applied must be that fixed for a single passenger even if it is proved that the lost baggage identified by a single tag belongs to more than one passenger? Sources:〈=de&list=600371%3Acs%2C513099%3Acs%2C507101%3Acs%2C497875%3Acs%2C595273%3Acs%2C474058%3Acs%2C449453%3Acs%2C599836%3Acs%2C466174%3Acs%2C441541%3Acs%2C&pos=1&page=1&nbl=15&pgs=10&hwords=

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