Indonesia deplores EU flight ban

“The Indonesian government is disappointed with a decision by the European Commission to ban all Indonesian airlines from flying to the European Union and has asked a chance to make a defense, an official said Monday.Transportation Minister Jusman Syafii Djamal said the decision was unilaterally taken without prior dialogues with the government. ‘We consider the EU has acted unfairly and therefore we are very disappointed,’ he was quoted by leading news website Detikcom as saying.The minister made his remarks during a meeting with the International Civil Aviation Organziation (ICAO) on Bali island. ‘We do not expect that the process to improve aviation safety in Indonesia will involve the isolation of (our) airlines,’ he said at the meeting attended also by ICAO president Roberto Kobeh Gonzales.Jusman said the government on June 22 asked the EU to give an opportunity to the government to brief EU officials about the actions Indonesia has taken to improve air transportation safety before the EU announced the ban.The EU reportedly agreed to meet Indonesian transport officials but only in October as the soonest. ‘That’s another reason why Indonesia is very disappointed,’ said Jusman.”(Source: People’s Daily Online)

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