IFTTA Europe Workshop: Air Passenger’s Rights

Dear IFTTA friends,as the European Workshop on the Review of the Air Passengers’ Rights Regulation comes nearer I would like to remind you gently to have a look to the updatedtopics to be discussed.I kindly ask everyone to choose one or more topics an to circulate the drafted input until June 23rd.There will be a lot of guests both from Airlines and from passengers friendly stakeholders who are going to discuss all these issues with us in Salzburg.<!–break–>The following friends have already choosen:Michael Wukoschitz:3. Montreal Convention (missed connection flights)6.b. DelayJosep:8. Alternative transportation/ re-routing 10. Variation with great circle route method, and/or 14. Information requirementsRonald:1. ScopeStephan:9. Accomodation17.Jurisdiction and applicable lawKind regards,Stephan

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