Iceland: Conference on Eyjafjalljokull and Aviation

Keilir Aviation Academy, in cooperation with the Icelandic Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Administration, ISAVIA, the Meteorological Office, the Institute of Earth Sciences, Icelandair, the Association of European Airlines, and the US Embassy in Iceland, will convene a conference on Eyjafjallajökull and Aviation at Keflavik Airport, Iceland, on September 15-16, 2010.Fundamental themes of concern to the air transportation industry today will be addressed in eight sessions covering the following topics: • What happened in Eyjafjallajökull?• Why was Europe´s airspace closed?• What procedures were followed?• What has been learned?• What are the effects of volcanic ash on airplanes and can they be reduced?• What steps are to be taken and by whom to minimize the threats that volcanic ash poses to aviation?Find detailed information here>>.

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