High-level group set up to advise Commission on the future of aviation regulation

As stated by the EU Press Room, “Two years after the adoption of the Single European Sky regulations the Commission wishes to further pursue the simplification of the organisation of the sector. In September the European Commission invited representatives of the national civil aviation administrations, aviation industry and Eurocontrol to a conference in Brussels to find ways to improve the efficiency and performance of the system, while ensuring the highest safety standards. The conference made some radical conclusions, which are now being followed-up by the creation of a ‘high-level group’.Vice-President Jacques Barrot, Commissioner in charge of Transport stated: ‘I have called this group together to advise the Commission how the conclusions of the conference can be realised and the current fragmented regulatory field be unified under the Community framework. It is evident that some organisations will have to evolve and enable to reform the current organisation of ATM and safety; it is the task of this group to advise us strategically how to reach those goals’.The group is composed of selected high level representatives of the European states, air navigation service providers, airspace users, airports and aviation industry. Both European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Eurocontrol are also represented. Work will start on 8 November 2006 and the group aims to report back to the Commission mid-2007, with proposals on the public sector functions in European aviation.The group will concentrate on developing answers to the questions of simplifying the regulatory framework, reforming the related organisations and ensuring the successful participation of the private sector. It will also have to address the implementation of the Community method with a view to the ‘total system approach’ to aviation safety. The terms of reference and list of members for this group can be found on the web page http://ec.europa.eu/transport/air_portal/2006_09_20_conference_en.htmwhich also includes information on the September 20 conference on future of aviation regulation.”

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