Goa tourism industry against govt norms over night parties

“Goa tourism industry has expressed its reservations over the stringent norms to be implemented by the state against noise created by late night parties.’The norms should not be implemented in letter but spirit,’ Travel and Tours Association of Goa (TTAG) president Ralf D’Souza said on Thursday.With the beginning of tourist season in the state, the administration has geared up to lower noise pollution created through loud music during parties. As per Madhya Pradesh noise pollution act, there is a ban on parties playing music over 55 decibels after 2200 hrs.However, tourism industry feels that such a stringent act would discourage tourism trade in the state. ‘People come here to enjoy night life…. You can’t expect them to go to bed at 10 in the night,’ D’Souza said.” Read more>>Source: Newindpress.com

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