Germany: Supreme Court reconfirms compensation for missed connecting flight

In a recent judgment, the German Supreme Court (BGH) reconfirmed that passengers who miss their connecting flight due to a delay of the feeder are entitled to claim for compensation if they reach their final destination 3 hrs or more after their scheduled arrival. The plaintiffs had booked a flight from Miami to Düsseldorf via Madrid. As the departure in Miami was delayed for 01:20 hrs they arrived in Madrid too late to catch their connecting flight to Düsseldorf. They were rebooked to another flight and reached Düsseldorf with a delay of 07:30 hrs. Referring to the CJEU judgment in case C-11/11 (Air France/Folkerts) and an earlier BGH judgement (X ZR 127/11 of May 7, 2013), the BGH upheld the court of appeal’s decision to grant the claim for compensation.Source: BGH press release 150/2013Case details: judgement X ZR 123/10 of Sep. 17, 2013

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