German Supreme Court: flexible pricing in travel brochures admissible

A German association combatting unfair competition sued TUI for not publishing final prices in travel brochures. TUI had published prices with the reservation of a revision of EUR 50 up or down applying to each flight route. The association saw an infringement of pricing rules requiring indication of a binding price.German Supreme Court (BGH) in judgement I ZR 23/08 – Costa del Sol, of April 29, 2010, however, deemed the reservation to be admissible because of the limitations in range and reasons of potential revision as well as because of a clear reference to potential price changes until conclusion of the contract. Such reservation would allow tour operators a certain fexibility in printed brochures which was a matter of course in internet trading.Source: BGH press release 92/2010 of April 29. 2010; full text available in German here>>.Obviously BGH saw no cause to file a reference for preliminary ruling with regard to the interpretation of Art. 3 para 2 PTD.

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