Famous Victoria Falls to loose World Heritage status?

The Victoria Falls World Heritage Site was proclaimed in 1989. When the governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe signed the agreement with UNESCO, they committed themselves to work together for the protection of the Victoria Falls and its surrounding area.UNESCO required the governments to form a Joint Management Team and an Integrated Management Plan for the site. It also requested that certain issues were addressed. The report was first requested by UNESCO in 2002 and then again in 2006. Various deadlines have been passed and extensions given. The latest deadline of February 1, 2010 has again passed, and UNESCO has received no document.The governments now are in a hurry to complete a document to be given to UNESCO on the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site. They want to take their last chance to submit the report before the 2010 session of the World Heritage Committee; all documents have to reach UNESCO by March 15.Source: eTurboNews; find article here>>.

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