European Union: OnlineTicket Sales Sweep

On 16 September 2010, EU Consumer Commissioner John Dalli announced the initial results of the 2010 Sweep, targeting websites selling tickets to cultural and sporting events. This sector was chosen following the large number of complaints received by the European Consumer Centres (ECCs) for this product category in 2009 (close to 30% of complaints about online shopping), as well as the growing trend in online shopping (in 2009, about 35% of EU consumers who ever purchased anything online bought tickets either for a cultural or sporting event). Authorities checked 410 such ticketing sites and 59% have been flagged for further investigation. As in previous sweeps, the main problems included missing or misleading price information, unfair contract terms and conditions, and missing or misleading trader details.Source: EU DG Health and Consumers; find full text here>>.

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