European Consumer Centre Network launches Air Passengers Rights Report 2011

On October 28th 2011, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) launched the report “Air Passengers Rights Report 2011 – in the aftermath of the Volcanic Ash Crisis”. The report focuses on several aspects regarding air passengers’ rights in the EU today, in particular during 2010. In 2010 problems were exacerbated by the closure of air space due to the volcanic ash cloud, which saw thousands of passengers stranded across Europe, and beyond. The report focuses in on the specific problems experienced and reported by passengers including:• lack of information regarding their rights• lack of assistance• No reimbursement when alternative transport was arranged.The purpose of the report is to help build a more secure and improved climate for consumers who are travelling by air to, from and within the European market.Full text of report (pdf/84 pages) available here>>.

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