European Community strengthens aviation relations with Australia

As stated by the EU Press Room, “Today, the European Union and Australia signed an aviation agreement which allows European airlines to fly between any EU Member State and Australia. ‘I welcome this important step in the EU’s air transport relations with Australia,’ said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President in charge of transport. ‘This will pave the way for a comprehensive aviation agreement involving cooperation in key aviation areas such as competition, safety and the environment.’The horizontal agreement signed today removes nationality restrictions in the bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and Australia and therefore allows any EU airline to operate flights between any EU Member State where it is established and Australia. This agreement acknowledges the existence of the European single market for air transport in the relations between the EU and Australia. It demonstrates that there is an external dimension of the single market for air transport. The agreement recognises that airlines in the EU are not any longer national airlines but Community airlines.”This Press Release is available in full text.

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