European Commission updates airline black list

On Nov. 21, the European Commission has adopted today the eighteenth update of the list of airlines banned in the European Union. Close and intense cooperation with the aviation authorities of two countries – Albania and the Russian Federation – has led both countries to adopt strong measures in order to control and contain any risks to safety of their air carriers flying into the EU. Thanks to further improvements in the safety performance of TAAG Angolan Airlines the air carrier is allowed to add two aircraft to those operating into the EU. The Commission was compelled to impose operating restrictions to exclude part of the fleet of Jordan Aviation in view of numerous and repeated safety deficiencies and to ban fully all operations of the air carrier Rollins Air certified in Honduras.The Air Safety Committee, which met from 8 to 10 November, also examined various cases of European air carriers. The Commission is urging the authorities in several Member States to further enhance their oversight of these air carriers to ensure that all airlines established in Europe operate at the highest safety levels.Source: European Commission press release IP/11/1375 of Nov. 21, 2011Updated blacklist available in pdf here>>.

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