European Commission: Air Passenger Rights Revision

The European Commission surprisingly presented today new measures to strengthen air passenger rights including a revisionof theAir Passenger’s Rights Regulation 261/2004/EC takeing into account thesharing od the economic burden.The Commission e.g presents a list of exraordonary circumstances, which may release the specific Airline to pay compensation. on the other hand the suggestion includes a list of troubles which can anyhow not be seen as extraordonary circumstances.Compensation in case of long delay shall only be payed if a short haul flight (within the EU or <1500km) is delayed for more than 5 hours at arrival, more than 9 hours (1500 – 3500km) or more than 12 hours (<3500km). The CJEU had decided on the basis of the current Regulation compensation has to be peayed in case of delay longer than 3 hours in general.The measures can be found here in all official languages: release:

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