EU: Public consultation on a review of EU passenger ship safety legislation

The EU Commission has started a public consultation on a review of EU passenger ship safety legislation. The consultation will be open from 13/04/2012 to 5/07/2012.The first set of questions relate to the main objective, namely, to identify and address within the current Directive 2009/45/EC on rules and standards for passenger ship safety any provisions that may need to be reviewed or updated and which lead to inefficiencies in the EU internal market for ships or maritime passenger services. There is a second set of questions, for which the Commission’s services seek stakeholder opinions, primarily from those with experience in the maritime field. Following the recent Costa Concordia cruise ship accident, some issues have been raised specifically addressing larger passenger ships. The Commission would like to use the opportunity of this consultation already planned as part of the review of the European legislation on passenger ship safety, to obtain stakeholder views on current arrangements.All citizens and organizations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. In particular, views are sought from ship owners; ship builders; classification societies; seafarers; regulators at international, national, regional and local level; and passenger representatives.Source: availbale here>>.

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