EU: Open Consultation on the European Tourism Label for Quality Systems Initiative

Currently there is a wide variety of public and private initiatives that aim at defining the principles and criteria to be used by European tourism stakeholders for ensuring the development and provision of quality tourism within the EU.However, these quality systems often show little consistency and coordination as they usually focus on individual sectoral or territorial objectives without following a European integrated approach. This fragmentation is a possible obstacle to achieving a EU level playing field for providing high-quality tourism service throughout Europe, which is likely to cause detriment to the competitiveness of the European tourism sector. The objective of this public consultation is to obtain the views of a wide circle of public and private stakeholders and individuals on a possible EU action in this field. As one of the possible actions, the Commission foresees the proposal for a European Tourism Label for Quality Systems, with a potential to bring greater transparency and consistency into quality evaluation at EU level. The European label would recognise those existing and future tourism quality systems that comply with the common European criteria. The results of this consultation will help us assess the impacts of the proposed initiative. All interested parties are invited to express their views by answering the questionnaire.Further information and questionaire available here>>.

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