England and Wales: Ethics Training for Law Students

Legal ethics training for Law students
The Law Society, in light of the review of legal services education and trainingin England and Walesannouncedby the legal regulators(the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Bar Standards Board and the Institute of Legal Executives Professional Standards have launched the review), calledfor a greater focus on ethics in the Qualifying Law Degree and for the development of more robust systems for assuring quality in the provision of legal education and training.
The Law Society has applauded the strong emphasis placed by the regulators on the need to ensure the ethical standards of those delivering legal servicesin the changed market following the Legal Services Act. It has announced that it will continue to urge the regulators to strengthen the place of ethics in the education and training system.
Law Society Chief Executive Desmond Hudson said the review must also take into account the need to encourage social mobility and diversity within the profession and to ensure that the current system of education and training provision is serving the needs of students and of the profession.
Source: Law Society of England and Wales.

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