ECJ: Advocate General gives opinion on advertising entry-level prices for travel and tourist services

Swedish travel company “Ving Sverige” had advertised New York trips in newspaper ads, indicating an entry level price only. In his opinion of Feb. 3, 2011, Advocate General Paolo Mengozzi held that indication of an entry-level price would only fulfil the information requirements of Art. 7 of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (2005/29/EC) if indication of the actual price wasunnecessary according to the circumstances or the nature of the product orimpossible due to the communication mediumand if there was a reference made to a website or a similar communication medium of the trader where the additional information can be found.National courts had to examine these preconditions carefully and in particular take into regard whether the consumer was able to make an informed decision despite the missing information on the actual price.Case C‑122/10 – Konsumentombudsmannen KO v. Ving Sverige AB

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