Brazil: ANAC extends the rights of air passengers.

The ANAC – National Civil Aviation Agency, tied to the Ministry of Defence, has enacted the Resolution 141 which enters into force on June 13th. It broadens the rights of passenger flights delayed, cancelled or in case of breach (preventing the need for boarding aircraft or exchange overbooking). The main innovations are reducing the period within which the company must assist the passenger, the expansion of the right to information and immediate rearrangement in cases of cancelled flights, disrupted, and passengers unsuccessful boarding flights with confirmed reservations.

The air companies are prohibited to sell tickets for the next company’s flights to the same destination until all passengers affected by delay cancellation or the breach are rearranged.Breaking the rules mean infraction of the ANAC general conditions of carriage and may result in fines ranging from BR$ 4.000 to BR$ 10.000 per occurrence.Resolution No. 141 partially replaces Ordinance No. 676-5/2000, as regards the rights and guarantees of when the passenger transport contract signed with the airline is reneging on grounds of delay, flight cancellation or breach of passengers. The full text of the new resolution is available (in portuguese) on the ANAC on the Internet: in portuguese:

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