Alcohol banned in all restaurants, mosques, schools and residential areas; Bahrain going dry … only the Fives will see ‘stars’

“Bahrain’s tourism industry, which has long thrived on visitors from its ‘dry’ neighbours in the Gulf, faces a tough challenge with the introduction of curbs on alcohol and nightclubs. For now, the 27-kilometer-long (17-mile) causeway linking the archipelago to eastern Saudi Arabia continues to be crowded every weekend as thousands escape the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom for a break. But by May 1, alcohol will be restricted to five-star hotels and banned in all restaurants neighbouring mosques, schools or residential areas, under a ministerial decision. About 85 non-five-star hotels have been ordered to close nightclubs hosting foreign bands on their premises and to stop selling alcohol if they are in the designated areas.”See more at ARAB TIMES.

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