Albania’s Impressive Tourism Statistics

Albania’s tourism industry continues to impress, with a record number of visitors crossing the border this weekend, according to a report in regional news portal on August 8 2011. According to the report, some 57,255 people entered the country over the weekend, with the main activity recorded at the Morine crossing bordering Kosovo, where some 22,000 people entered on one day. There was also strong activity on the southern Kakavija crossing with Greece, with 9,500 entrees on the same day, as well as a high number of arrivals in the country’s main port of Durres. The record numbers come on the back of impressive statistics released by Tirana International Airport last month, which reported a 23% increase in passenger numbers in the first half of 2011, with 793,984 flying into the Albanian capital between January and June. Lonely Planet named Albania as its Top Recommendation for 2011.

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