Airline Blacklist Regulation in force

By February 16 2006 each EU member state will have to communicate to the commission all air carriers that are subject to an operating ban in its territory. Within one month the commission will then decide on the imposition of an operating ban throughout the EU and establish a joint list. At least every three months, the commission should consider whether the list needs to be updated. For this reason, member states and the European Aviation Safety Agency should communicate all relevant information to the commission. The list will be published on the Internet and in the Official Journal. Air carriers, tour operators and ticket sellers), national civil aviation authorities, the European Aviation Safety Agency and all European airports should bring the list to the attention of passengers. Furthermore the regulation gives passengers a right to be informed of the identity of the operating air carrier at the time of reservation and of any subsequent change. Passengers will have a right to reimbursement or re-routing from their air carriage contractor if their flight is operated by a listed carrier. The new regulation will apply to all airlines, including non-EU airlines where the carriage started in the European Union, and irrespective of whether the flight in question departed from an EU airport. The provisions relating to information of passengers will come into force July 16th 2006. Member states have to ensure compliance with these rules and to implement penalties for non-compliance.

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