28 November - 1 December 2022 Malta - Valetta

33rd IFTTA Conference

Malta 2020


Old University in Valletta, Malta


28 November 2022


1 December 2022

Malta & Valetta

As Valletta was the Cultural City, it has lately taken a new dimension, with various boutique hotels sprouting everywhere, and also, it has many restaurants and bars dotted all over.

Those who have never visited Malta will find this Capital City quite interesting, and those who have already been to Malta, would surely find new things to discover on this island.  Those who have a passion to dive, this would be a golden opportunity to set aside a few days to explore the beautiful sea surrounding Malta.


IFTTA Annual Conference

The 33rd IFTTA conference shall be taking place in MALTA, and it is set for Monday 28 November 2022 until Thursday 1 December 2022. The conference will be held in the old  university building (the Valletta campus) of the University of Malta in Valetta. Further information and more details with regard to the Conference, registration and participation fees will be available soon on this page.

Speakers: Those who would like to present a paper, kindly inform IFTTA so that we could start planning the agenda of speakers.

Accommodation: There are many boutique hotels and other accommodation facilities within the capital city. Members are requested to make their room reservations directly at one of the hotels or using other booking resources.

Flights: There are several direct flights to Malta from various countries in Europe and around the Mediterranean. Please be aware that many airlines only offer seasonal flights or have a reduced schedule in the winter season. You need to book the flights well in advance.

We encourage anyone who is interested in attending the IFTTA annual conference to share ideas, tips and other information or ask questions using the IFTTA Member group on Google.

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Event Schedule

Day 1

Monday 28 November 2022

(13:00) IFTTA Board Meeting (IFTTA directors only)

(Appr. 19:00) Evening get together for all IFTTA Conference attendees already arrived.

Day 2

Tuesday 29 November 2022

(09:00) IFTTA Annual Conference (day 1)

(19:00) Gala dinner

Day 3

Wednesday 30 November 2022

(09:00) IFTTA Annual Conference (day 2)

(19:00) Tour "Malta by night"

Day 4

Thursday 1 December 2022

(09:00) IFTTA Annual General Meeting (IFTTA members only)

Our Speakers

  • Carmit Bar-On
    Was COVID a "Force Majeure" Event? The Role of Legislators, Government and the Courts in Implementing the Principles of Force Majeure in the Israeli Tourism Sector."
  • Doug Crozier
    Carriers, Consumers, Covid, Cancellations, Control, and Canada
  • John Downes
    Achieving good governance in the Tourism Sector
  • Julio Facal
    Uruguay – Embracing UNWTO`s Code of the Protection of the Tourist in Tourism Law
  • Jeff Ment
    Considerations when selling travel in the US market
  • Dr. Liad Ortar
    ESG Challenges in the Aviation & Tourism Industry
  • Antonia Paniza Fullana
    Digital platforms, touristic services providers and consumers: obligations and liability".
  • Michael Wukoschitz
    "A fall down the stairs for no ascertanable reason - an accident?" analysing (and criticising) the recent CJEU decision on the Montreal Convention (C-589/20).
  • Peter Vos
    The “authorized agent” in Regulation (EU) No. 261/2004: an obscure risk?

If you are also interested in presenting a paper during the IFTTA World International Conference, please send the details of your paper to our president or submit the details of your paper to the Google Member Group instead.


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