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Switzerland: Federal Court decides in hotel "star war"

The Swiss Hotel Association started using one to five stars as symbols for hotel categorisation in 1979. In 2005 it registered according trademarks with the Swiss Trademark Register. GastroSuisse, another trade association of the Swiss hotel and gastronomy industry, could not reach an agreement with the Hotel Association on cooperative classification and thus decided to establish its own classification system also based on star symbols.

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Spain: new smoking ban took effect on Jan. 2, 2011

The law tightens anti-smoking restrictions introduced in 2006. While the 2006 anti-smoking law prohibited smoking in the workplace, the new law also bans smoking in enclosed public spaces, which includes office buildings, bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies, casinos, clubs, open-decked tourist buses and airports. However, smoking remains permitted in open-air stadiums, hotel rooms set aside for smokers and at the beaches.

The law will make Spain a tougher place to smoke than other EU countries where bars and restaurants are still allowed to have smoking sections.

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USA: Federal Agencies to hold bed bug summit in February

As bed bugs have infested hotels across the country, the Federal Government is convening a second national bed bug summit on February 1 and 2, 2011. The goal for this summit is to review the current bed bug problem and identify and prioritize further actions to address the problem.

Source: EPA; find more information here>>.

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Austrian Supreme Court: no setting off of advance payments against disputable debts from previous season

Plaintiff (a Russian tour operator) assigned defendant (an Austrian incoming agent) to make hotel bookings in Austria. In 2008 when bookings were made on the occasion of the European Football Championship, plaintiff cancelled some of the hotel reservations which led to a dispute over cancellation fees. Finally defendant cancelled some of the disputed invoices and issued a new invoice which plaintiff subsequently payed. Expressing satisfaction over this settlement, plaintiff remitted the requested advance payments for the 2009 winter season.

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German court approves hotel ban on extreme right wing politician

Udo Voigt, chairman of the extreme right wing German NPD ("Democratic Party of Germany") and his wife booked a private vacation at a wellness resort in Brandenburg (Germany). Ten days before the scheduled arrival, the hotel director informed them that Voigt was banned from entering the hotel as his extreme politcal views were detrimental to the image of the hotel and the other guests' desire for comfort and relaxation.

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USA: hotel chain sued over employee wearing guest’s clothes

The Hyatt hotel chain has been sued in Los Angeles County Court by a woman who returned to her room to find a male employee wearing his Hyatt uniform shirt along with her skirt, high heels and underwear. The claim includes emotional distress, invasion of privacy, and negligent hiring, supervision and/or training. According to plaintiff's laywer, settlement negotiations have failed because Hyatt was unwilling to acknowledge emotional distress.

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New York: hotel occupancy tax suit dismissed

A New York State Supreme Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a group of online travel agencies, ASTA and the U.S. Tour Operators Association challenging the legality and constitutionality of New York’s amended hotel occupancy tax.

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Austrian Supreme Court follows ECJ precedent with regard to hotel TV

An Austrian collecting society filed a law suit against a hotel company and claimed for rendering of accounts with regard to satelite TV provided to guests in defendant's hotel rooms. Both, court of first instance (Handelsgericht Wien) and apellate court (OLG Wien) granted the claim. In judgement 4 Ob 120/10s of Aug.

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UK: law suit over unverified TripAdvisor reviews?

KwikChex, a U.K. reputation-management company is soliciting plaintiffs and financial support within the travel industry for a class action against TripAdvisor, alleging that the travel-review site’s unverified reviews can be false, defamatory and libelous. KwikChex claims "tens of thousands" of businesses have been negatively affected by TripAdvisor’s user-generated reviews. It has not disclosed how many companies have signed on for the lawsuit, nor has it estimated when it might actually take legal action against TripAdvisor.

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California: no private right to sue under state tip law

The Supreme Court of California has ruled in Lu v. Hawaiian Gardens Casino, Inc., No. S171442 (Aug. 9, 2010) that the California law prohibiting employers from taking or sharing in tips left for employees by customers does not give private litigants a right to sue their employers directly for an alleged misappropriation of tips. The decision settles a split among the state appellate courts.

Decision available for download here>>