About IFTTA Brasil

IFTTA Brasil is a Regional Section of IFTTA. It is not a separate legal entity. As a Regional Section IFTTA Brasil pursues the same objectives, use the same means and is guided by the same principles and values as are set out in the Regulation of Domestic Affairs.

History of IFTTA Brasil

IFTTA Brasil was conceived in Sao Paulo at the occasion of the 21st IFTTA Annual Conference held in Sao Paulo and Ilhabela on 3-6 October 2009. The group responsible for facilitating the IFTTA Brazil activities met in Sao Paulo on July 14, 2010, with support from São Paulo Convention Visitors Bureau SPCVB. 

IFTTA BRASIL'S Objectives are

Exchange of information

Provide a forum for the exchange of information on the legal aspects of Travel and Tourism Law.


Provide a digital resource for Brazilian Travel and Tourism Law information (statutes, case law, etc.) through the IFTTA Brasil Website.

IFTTA Brasil Website

The Brazilian Portuguese Website

Research and Establishment of standards

Encourage research and the establishment of common legal standards for the Travel and Tourism Industry, working with educational institutes in fostering outcomes on the legal aspects of Travel and Tourism.