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Karina M. Barreiro

Lawyer specialized in Corporate Law, graduate from the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) since 1996.

Magister degree in Economics and Travel and Tourism Development (UNSAM).

Academic coordinator of the post-graduate course on “Travel and Tourism Law Updated”, Post Grade department, Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, and professor since 2008.

Professor of the course “Regulatory Framework of the travel and tourism business”, Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, since 2009.

Professor in the course “Master in Travel and Tourism Business Administration”, School of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Professor in the “Course of Specialization in travel and tourism quality management”, IRAM (Argentine Standards Institute) and Argentine Forum of Travel and Tourism Professionals, since 2009.

Member of IFTTA (International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates) since 2006.

Active participation in the organization of Congresses and Seminars related to the business. Chaired the Organization Committee of the 1st. Ibero-American Congress on Travel and Tourism Law held in 2008 in the City of Buenos Aires.

Author of the book "El Régimen de Defensa del Consumidor en la Actividad Turística" [Consumer Defense in the Travel and Tourism Business]; coordinator of the book "Protección legal del Turista en el Derecho Comparado" [Legal Protection of Tourists in Comparative Law]; co-author of the book “Derecho del Turismo” [Travel and Tourism Law], Ed. Universidad, 2006; co-author of "Manual del buen emprendedor de Turismo Rural" [Manual for the Good Rural Travel and Tourism Business Entrepreneur] (responsible for the legal matters chapter), financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); author of many articles on the subject and creator of the website www.derechodelturismo.net.

Seminars and conferences on Travel and Tourism Law in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and China.

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Juana Manso 670 Floor 24 B,1, Torre Sur
Buenos Aires
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+54 (11) 4859-3037


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