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Travel Directive 2015/2302/EU published

The new Directive on package travel and linked travel arrangements has been published in the Offical Journal of the European Union today.


Tthe Travel Directive has the number 2015/2302/EU

OJ 2015 L 326/1


According to Article 28 it has to be implemented by the member states by Jan 1, 2018 and to be applied by July 1, 2018

Available in all official languages here:



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European Parliament adopts new Travel Directive

European Parliament has just adopted the new Travel Directive thereby the legislative procedure is completed!

24+6 months for implementation after publication in the OJ


* The text of the new Travel Directive can be found here (final version adopted by Council: 9173/3/15 REV 3)

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New Package Travel Directive

Today the European Commission presented a proposal for a new Package Travel Directive repealing Directive 90/314/EEC:

Proposal COM (2013) 512 (not yet in all languages but EN, FR, DE)

Communication by the Commission COM (2013) 513 (not yet in all languages but EN, FR, DE)

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Proposal for a new EU Air Passengers' Rights Regulation

and here is the brand new Proposal itself (fr, en, de only!): COM (2013) 130 final




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European Commission: Air Passenger Rights Revision

The European Commission surprisingly presented today new measures to strengthen air passenger rights including a revisionof the Air Passenger's Rights Regulation 261/2004/EC takeing into account the sharing od the economic burden.

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Court of Cassation (FR) on Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is not an accident under Warsaw Convention

[forwarded by Jackie Tanti Dougall]

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LTTL-Forum Conference: EU Passenger Law – Towards 2020

Leuven Travel & Transport Law-Forum

LTTL-Forum Conference: EU Passenger Law – Towards 2020

Tuesday, 6 December 2011, Leuven (Belgium)

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Conference: EU Passenger Law – Towards 2020, Leuven

I am happy to announce (on behalf of Jens Karsten) an upcoming conference organised by the Leuven Travel & Transport Law­‐Forum (LTTL-Forum):

 EU Passenger Law – Towards 2020

 Leuven (Belgium), December 6, 2011