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Albania's Impressive Tourism Statistics

Albania's tourism industry continues to impress, with a record number of visitors crossing the border this weekend, according to a report in regional news portal on August 8 2011.  According to the report, some 57,255 people entered the country over the weekend, with the main activity recorded at the Morine crossing bordering Kosovo, where some 22,000 people entered on one day.

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European Union: New Regulation concerning statistics on tourism

Acknowleding a need to improve the availability, completeness and comprehensiveness of the basic tourism statistics, the European Union has published a new Regulation concerning statistics on tourism. The new Regulation 692/2011 repeals the Council Directive 95/57/EC.

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Survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism 2011

Eurobarometer published a Survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism based on fliedwork in Feb 2011.

A summary can be found here: Summary

The entire analytical report cam be found here: Report

European champion in traveling are the Finns!



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Egypt: Minister of Tourism initiates new tourism campaign

After the civil unrest, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Mounir Fakhry Abdelnour is launching a campaign to bring tourists back to Egypt. The ministry plans to make use of the power of modern communication technology and online and social media to spread the message that Egypt is a safe and secured tourist destination.

A number of European countries have already reduced their travel warnings.

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Mexico: President Calderon signs National Agenda for Tourism

Mexican President Felipe Calderon last week signed a National Agenda for Tourism. The Agenda is an effort to fully develop the full potential of the tourist industry in Mexico with the goal  to grow Mexico into one of the world’s five leading tourist destinations.

Source: Travel Pulse; find article here>>.

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China imposes tourist ban on Tibet

As reported by serveral sources, Chinese Government has banned the entry of foreign visitors to Tibet as the third anniversary of a bloody anti-government riot in 2008 approaches. Chinese travel agents organizing trips to Tibet have been ordered not to receive foreign visitors. China strictly limits access to Tibet by foreign tourists, requiring them to obtain special permits in addition to the Chinese visas and to travel in tour groups.

The ban coincides with harassments against foreign journalists who wanted to report about anti-government activities in Bejing.

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Ukraine: new tourism tax

From 01 January 2011 local councils in the Ukraine may introduce a tourism tax which according to the Tax Code of Ukraine applies to citizens of Ukraine, foreigners as well as stateless persons who temporarily stay in their territory.

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UNWTO to assist China in designing National Tourism Law

UNWTO will assist the government of China in the formulation of its first ever national tourism law. Visiting the organization’s headquarters, a high-level delegation led by parliamentarians of the China National People's Congress and the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), agreed to request the technical and political support of UNWTO to design its normative framework for tourism. This announcement follows last year’s identification by the Chinese government of the tourism sector as one of its strategic development areas.

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ETOA warns against excessive expectations in London Olympics

The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) released a statement warning that dreams of Olympic tourism could turn to nightmares. ETOA's research and analysis shows that the vast numbers of foreign visitors anticipated to arrive at previous Olympics did not materialise. No host city has predicted demand for an Olympics correctly.

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Thailand to review regulations to attract more tourists

Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij announced that Thailand is willing to review regulations in the tourism sector to give more access to foreign investors and professionals in a move to attract more visitors.

Find full article here>>.