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Scotland: Contract Law

DFR Properties Ltd. v Glen House Properties 2007 SC 74.

The Court of Session held that a term can only be implied to be part of a contract insofar as it is not inconsistent with the express terms.

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Plan to Lure Tourists Back

Mike Watson, the Tourism Minister, has unveiled "The Tourism Framework for Action" in Oban, which aims to make Scotland a world-class tourism destination. The document is the outcome of a 5-month consultation excercise following the decline in tourist arrivals. Scotland lost £500m ($800m) last year, exacerbated by the aftermath of September 11th. Tourism employs 193,000 people in Scotland.

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Criticism of the Scottish Tourist Board

The Forum of Private Business has attacked the "deplorable attitude" of the Scottish Tourist Board follwing a survey into how the STB's services are perceived by the tourist trade. 40% of respondents rated the STB as poor or very poor. 80% believe that the Government does not understand the tourism industry. The Scottish Parliament has called for a root and branch reform of tourism development services in Scotland.

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Lockerbie trial Judges Named

The three judges that will hear the Lockerbie Trial, according to Scots Law, in the Netherlands have been named as Lords Sutherland, Coulsfield and MacLean. Lord Abernethy will also participate and will act as a substitute if necessary. There will be a preliminary hearing of the case at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh before Lord Sutherland on 22 November 1999. Nb.

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Sex Tourism Charge

Philip Williams from Edinburgh has been charged with having sex or perfomring sexual acts with under age children whilst working as a school teacher in Cambodia. The case has been raised under a law introduced in 1992 which enables the Scots courts to hear cases of child sex abuse committed whilst the accused was abroad.

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Scotland/Libya/USA - Lockerbie

Jim Swire, a spokesman for the relatives of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing has stated that he believes Libya has legitimate concerns about the proposals for a trial of the two Libyan suspects under Scots Law in the Netherlands. Libya has asked for guarantees that the two men will not be extradited to the UK or USA. The UK and USA governments have stated that their proposals are not up for negotiation. Mr Swire's daughter, Flora, was killed in the bombing. (2/10/98) UK Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, stated that, if convicted the two Libyan suspects would be sent to prison in Scotland.